We are TFF :)

The Forbidden Fruit India is a Homegrown Streetwear Label aimed at creating a culture that brings together people through the Language of Music & Fashion.

We believe, Music is a catalyst for awakening the soul and unites people like no other. The energy, emotion, and excitement we feel through this Unity endorse coherence and closeness with one’s higher self. It opens our minds to new experiences & the infinite possibilities that the universe has to offer.

As a collective, we believe in the Values like Positivity, Passion & Togetherness. Come be a part of the Forbidden Tribe.

Our designs are both an intimate experience with oneself and a public representation of it. The Fashion we create is inspired by music. It is about different singularities operating in harmony within a single musical subculture. It reflects energy, dynamism, and fun. Immerse yourself into this magic and experience the #ForbiddenWayofLife.